A German Picturesque


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A German Pic
turesque by Jason Schwartz  Selected and Introduced by Ben Marcus

Haunting in their tone, brilliant in their imagesvery like fantastic presences moving across glassthe twenty-one fictions in this startling debut collection seem both inexplicably familiar and like no writing we
have seen before.
The opening story leads us through a kaleidoscopic series of thoughts and memories around the act of writing a letter. Another, an intricately structured document of documentshousehold inventories, daily calendars, property deeds, an announcement – suggests the reality overflowing these mundane markers of our lives. Yet another traces the histories of five artifacts, while at the same time slyly assembling five miniature biographical portraits.

An exhilarating experiment in language and form, A German Picturesque is at once a challenge and a great pleasure to read.
“Unlike much so-called experimental fiction, Schwartz’s work contains genuine passion and invention – and an enormous appetite for challenging himself and his audience.” – New York Times

ISBN: 9781940436173 
5.5” x 8.25”, $16.00
Paperback, 133 pages

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