Naked Against the Rain


Naked Against the Rain: People of the Lower Columbia River, 1770 – 1830 by Rick Rubin, Selected and Introduced by Rene Denfeld

One of the most eloquent & thorough historical accounts of the Columbia River’s native people.

Rick Rubin, a writer by trade and historian at heart, combines years of research with his journalist’s eye for detail and poet’s ear to create one of the most compelling and readable histories of the Native American people of the lower Columbia River. Rubin conveys information about the people’s daily life, spiritual beliefs, mythologies, and how the introduction of white settlers into the region forever changed their culture.

Deeply and effectively researched, this book is so well written it sometimes seems to sing its information.”  –Dan Hayes, Salem Statesman Journal 11/28/99

 “Naked Against the Rain is a fabulous book, a refreshing look at the Native American peoples of the Lower Columbia River country in the 19th century.” – Gary Snyder

Completely absorbing.  Rubin’s unique combination of historical scholarship, poetic insight and literary skill transports us to the inner heart of a strange and compelling culture – you won’t forget it.”  – Don Berry

Rick Rubin combines Chinook legends, history and culture with his own astute observations.  He describes the ordinary – dress, work and village life – as well as the extraordinary – ghosts, shamans and guiding spirits – and portrays a rich and fascinating culture.  A powerful tribute to the River People, Naked Against the Rain is an exceptionally fine book and a gift to those who hunger for Northwest history.”   –  Craig Leslie

ISBN: 9781940436340
5.5” x 8.25”, $21.95
Paperback, 432 pages

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