Still Life

Still Life with Insects by Brian Kiteley Selected and Introduced by Leah Hager Cohen

Brian Kiteley’s Still Life with Insects is the intensely focused chronicle of Elwyn Farmer, an amateur entomologist, who uses the field notes of his insect sightings to examine and reweave the tattered fragments of his life. In a series of visually powerful and emotionally breathtaking vignettes Kiteley distills the transient beauty of the natural world and lays bare the suffering and joy of one man’s life from his maturity in the post-war years to very old age in the 80’s. His striking narrative technique aptly captures the experience we all have as we struggle to make sense of what it means to be human in the face of the inevitable passage of time.

“A book of breathtaking confidence; also of layered and luminous confidences. The former is Kiteley’s; the latter are Farmer’s, and they combine with utmost felicity to create something altogether rare.” – From the Introduction

“Brian Kiteley’s novel is sublime, serious, elating illuminating moments of our lives like a Hopper painting” – Mary Robinson

ISBN: 9781940436203
5.5” x 8.25”, $15.00
Paperback, 125 pages

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