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The Dead Girl by Melanie Thernstrom Selected and Introduced by David Shields  

Melanie Thernstrom’s senior thesis was entitled Mistakes of Metaphor, an account of the mysterious disappearance and murder of her best friend, Bibi Lee. That thesis, reworked asThe Dead Girl, was published by Pocket Books in 1990 to major critical acclaim.

Berkeley student Roberta (Bibi) Lee went running with her lover Bradley Page on a Sunday in 1984. He came back alone. When she failed to return police mounted one of the largest missing-person searches in California history. Five weeks later Roberta’s battered body was found and within hours, Page had confessed to Roberta’s murder—a confession he was later to recant.  With its enduring themes of innocence and evil, truth and uncertainty, human motives and emotions, The Dead Girl is a complex exploration of the nature of reality and the frail, shifting and suspect ways in which we respond to it.

“I like this book better than In Cold Blood. It is more honest, more credible, more frightening, and more instructive.” – Harold Brodkey

Read David Shields’ Interview with Melanie Thernstrom
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ISBN: 9781940436135
5.5” x 8.25”, $18.95
Paperback, 430 page

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