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The Fan Man by William KotzwinklE   Selected and Introduced by T. C. Boyle

Horse Badorties (son of The Gingerman and father of The Dude) rides again!  Selected for a Pharos Editions’ reissue by T.C. Boyle and featuring a foreword by Kurt Vonnegut Jr,  Pharos Editions is proud to announce the long awaited revival of Wiliam Kotzwinkle’s cult comic classic  The Fan Man.  And just in time it is, too, man.

I am all alone in my pad, man, my piled-up-to-the-ceiling-with-junk pad. Piled with sheet music, with piles of garbage bags bursting with rubbish and encrusted frying pans piled on the floor, embedded with unnameable flecks of putrefied wretchedness in grease. My pad, man, my own little Lower East Side Horse Badorties pad. . . . . . .And so it begins Badorties narration of his down-at-the-heels drug-fueled befuddlement in New York City circa 1970.

How does all this work, ultimately?  What makes this a comic classic?  Voice.  The hilarious internal monologue that drives the protagonist through his days, a voice not unlike the one that rings deep and individually through all our brains, the private voice here made public . . .” – From the Introduction

“This is music to be played in the head, and only the quickest, least inhibited sight-readers can play it as written, and thus hear head music the likes of which, prior to its publication in 1974, had never been heard. It was and remains important…” from Kurt Vonnegut’s foreword

“Kotzwinkle has invented a human dada, full of one-line gags and comic perceptions.” – New York Times Book Review

ISBN: 9781940436272
5.5” x 8.25”, $15.00
Paperback, 160 pages

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